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Social Worker

St Peter’s is one of over 30 WA Catholic Schools that utilise the services of a qualified and experienced social worker two days a week. It is a school-based service, with our social worker being part of the total educational team at St Peter’s. Daniel works collaboratively with the staff, parents and school community to provide the best educational experience for all students.

He assists teachers with proactive classroom initiatives, provide counselling support to help students and families deal with any social or emotional problems relating to school or affecting a child’s academic performance. In addition he runs classroom programs, facilitate small group work, offer information sessions and regularly contribute articles to the school newsletter, all at no cost to parent/s.

In the Parent Section of the school website, under the heading “parenting tips and resources” there are numerous parenting articles on a wide range of topics, plus information on cybersafety, parenting resources e.g. recommended books, and a number of relevant and recommended websites. These are updated each semester.

You can contact Daniel Moylan by ringing the school office or by email. His email address:

Latest Correspondence

Talking with your child
If you have no concerns regarding your child it is best to allow him or her to ask questions and answer them as truthfully and factually as possible. Be guided by what they want to talk about rather than you directly soliciting answers. It’s also OK to admit you don’t have all the answers. If your child keeps asking questions that is likely signalling that they still need more information to process what has occurred and what has been said to them/ in front of them. Avoid language that implies they should have realised what was occurring and should have done something about it. Stick with the facts and keep your answers relatively short and developmentally appropriate.
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