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Fee Structure

There are six current methods of payment for school fee accounts:

  1. Direct Debit – If you wish to use this method of payment, either download the Direct Debit Request form and a copy of the Service Agreement off the school website under the Parent Information heading or pick up the forms from the school office. You then use the ‘Total Annual Amount Due’ off the enclosed account to calculate your weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly/half yearly payments to be withdrawn from your nominated account. The Request Form must have a start and end date and all payments must be of equal amounts. Download the Direct Debit Form
  2. Internet : through ‘Pay Anyone’ facility – BSB : 086-006 A/c 67019-7754
  3. Eftpos (NO cash out)
  4. Credit Card over the telephone (office hours only)
  5. Cheque : Make cheques payable to St Peter’s School
  6. Cash

If you are interested in making regular payments, but would prefer to set them up yourself through your own bank, this is also acceptable.

Download and view a copy of St Peter's Primary School Fee Schedule.