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The St Peter's Canteen is open FIVE days per week for both recess and lunch. Lunch Orders are required to be placed in the morning before 9am and will then be sent up to the classrooms at lunch time. Recess and lunch time snacks are for Year 1-6 only as it requires the child to come to the canteen and line up to buy their desired item/s.

We are a heat and serve only canteen, which means we can only reheat food on the premises. The canteen menu provides a selection of healthy, hot and cold options for lunch and recess for students to choose from. We try to keep all our menu items affordable and we regularly check the nutrition values of the products we use, with an emphasis on low sodium and low fat items. All sandwiches are made using wholemeal bread. White bread is available on request. No margarine will be used unless requested on your order. Students are also limited on the number of items they can buy for recess and lunch snack times.

Parents are advised that it is against school policy for the students to share money amongst their friends or to buy items for other students.

Placing an Order – With the introduction of Our Online Canteen in 2015, St Peters School Canteen now has the facility to accept online lunch orders for students. Parents are required to register on the Our Online Canteen website Here you will be directed how to register your children and how to pay for your orders. Direct Deposit is free, but takes a few days to activate. For a fee PayPal and Credit Card are also available. Our online canteen will allow you to place your orders in advance for a particular day, or days, even up to two weeks in advance. The cut off time for the day is 9am so please place your order before 9am for that day. Orders for lunch only will be accepted at this time. Recess will remain as window sales only as will lunchtime treats. If any queries with Our Online Canteen, you can call them on 1300 116 637 or email

Kindy students are able to order lunch from the canteen. Due to their lunch time being earlier than the rest of the school they can only order fresh foods, toasted sandwiches and the pre ordered sushi. The hot daily specials are not available to Kindy students.

We will still accept lunch orders at the window before 9am. The order must be written on a paper bag with the students name, class and order clearly written in marker or ball point pen, (some craft pens become illegible if they are in contact with the warmers). Brown Paper bags can be purchased in packets of 100 from Coles or Woolworths for only a few dollars. Payment needs to be placed in the bag. Correct money is appreciated.

Change – Correct money is required if possible. If the correct money is not provided, a note to your child to collect their change from the canteen will be stamped on the paper bag. This is available to be collected after the first bell, when children are free to play during lunch time.

IOU’S – Occasionally lunches are left at home, in this circumstance children will be directed to the front office where the staff will attempt to contact a parent to approve the canteen providing some lunch. There are very limited choices when this is discovered on lunch time. IOU’S are not accepted without appropriate authorisation. When the wrong money has been supplied for the requested lunch an IOU may be sent home for the difference.

The canteen operates with the assistance of volunteers so if you would like to meet other parents and get to know how we work, we would love to have you join our roster, whether it is once a term or more, we are always grateful.

By supporting your school canteen you ensure this service is viable and available to all the families in our St Peter’s community.

Canteen staff can be contacted through the school office on 9271 2896 or
Laura Antenucci – 0417 964 452, or email
Jo Scanlan – 0406 108 796, or email

Download a copy of the latest Canteen Menu

Download a copy of the latest Kindy Menu

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