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Our core purpose as a school is to inspire our students to learn, achieve and to serve in truth. There is a striving to see beyond appearances to greater realities and true happiness. We are looking for each of our students to accept each challenge and complete each task successfully. As a school community, we are providing each of our children with an education that builds a platform for success.

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Newsletter Issue 18 - 15 June 2018

SEMESTER ONE REPORTS 2018 - School Reports will be available in Week Nine on Thursday 28th June in the afternoon. I thank the teachers who have spent much time in the thoughtful writing of them. Please log into our website and click on the SEQTA / ENGAGE link then login to view your child’s/ren’s report. Alternatively, please click here to access the link. Parents of Pre Primary and new students will receive a “Welcome” email from SEQTA on Monday 18th June. Please follow the SEQTA prompts in order to create your account. Please note parents will have 7 days to activate this account.

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